Structural Surveys

Get the real facts with our structural survey team

Buying or selling a property is a major commitment. By having a structural survey undertaken on the property in question, you will ensure that you get the best deal possible. David Smith Associates can provide a detailed report that will give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Our team work with residential and commercial clients throughout the country. 

Change of use or planning permission surveys 

Changing the usage of a commercial property requires careful planning and professional advice. If you are converting an agricultural building to a residential one or changing the nature of a property, you may need a report to assist with planning permission. 

Point of sale surveys

When it comes time to sell a business or residential space, organising a Point of Sale Survey can help you to make the right choice. Our teamcan provide an accurate, detailed report that will assist in the sale or purchase of a property.

Dilapidation and 
conditions surveys

A structural report from David Smith Associates will contain a detailed record of any defects or issues the building may have. 

Assistance with subsidence and heave issues

Ground and foundation movements can cause huge amounts of damage to a building. Our subsidence surveys will give you valuable information on how at risk your property is and what can be done about the problem.

Existing buildings and loadings

David Smith Associates provides accurate and reliable structural survey of existing buildings and loadings. Our reports are invaluable for insurance purposes or as feasibility studies for future developments. 

Fire damaged properties

Fire can cause untold amounts of structural damage to a building. Our specialist engineers will provide a thorough report on the effects of a fire and give expert advice on how to repair the property. 

Insurance related surveys

Whether it is assessing risk or evaluating damage, David Smith Associates specialises in all types of insurance related surveys. 

Movement monitoring

When a building is demolished or an excavation is underway, movement monitoring surveys need to be carried out to assess the possible effects on surrounding structures. 

Feasibility reports

A structural engineering feasibility report is an essential complement in planning a development. Our expert team will give you’re the information you need to make an informed decision. 
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